Hauptstraße 15
96164 Kemmern
Tel: 09544-6746
Breitengüßbach Station 2.2 km
Opening hours:
Daily from 3:00
Sunday 10:00 to 12:00 and from 3:00
Closed Tuesday
Output: 9000 HL
Founded in 1788/rooms available
Had planned on this being my birthday trip in December 2017 but it didn’t work out. Next year for sure!
Beers: Pils, Märzen, ungespundetes Lagerbier, Schwarzbier, Vollbier, Landbier, Weizen, Wagner Kuckuck.
Beer calendar:
Festbier (Easter, Whit Sunday, Kirchweih, Christmas)
Bockbier (from November)
Zwillingsbier (4 times a year)
Fischkirchweih (End of June)
Seefest (End of July)
Kirchweih (4th Sunday in August)
Bockbieranstich (beginng of November)
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