Schesslitz is a small town with some interesting old buildings to check out while you wait for the Drei Kronen to open or if you’re waiting for the somewhat infrequent buses plying this bus route between Bamberg and Bayreuth. There are some walking trails heading in various directions, often to yet another great Franconian brewery.
Brauerei Drei Kronen
Hauptstraße 39
96110 Scheßlitz
Tel: 09542 15 64
Bamberg Station 14 km/irregular bus service
Opening hours:
Closed Wednesday
Monday & Tuesday 9:30 to 1:00 and from 5:00
Thursday to Sunday 9:30 to 1:00 and from 5:00
Output: 1500 HL
Founded in 1669, the Drein Kronen is the only one remaining of the once three proud small breweries to grace this small town.  It always was the oldest brewery and is amazingly still in the Lindner family with a Lindner still at the brewing helm no less.  Though it remains very traditional, the small but feisty brewery has taken to the craft beer revolution finally making its way to Germany and now makes some additional beers to their classic Schäazer Kronabier.
I was only in Schesslitz once, in 2003,  and its small atmospheric interior was full of old world charm that was very new to me at the time. I often wondered if it remained the same and after having some of their new beers at a beer festival in Munich, I made a vow to return. Hopefully, I will get back and hope not only the new ventures pan out for them but that they continue to make their old beer the same way.
Beers: Schääzer Kronabier (Lagerbier), Premium, Original 1837 Dunkel, Weißbier, Roggenbier, Rauchbier Hell.
Beer calendar:
Weißbier Dunkel from January to April
Zwickl from May to August
Kirchweihfestbier from July toAugust
Weizenbock from September to May
Bock from November to December
Weihnachtsfestbier from November to December
Weizenbockanstich is the 2nd Friday after Ash Wednesday
Kirchweih is the last Sunday in August
Bockbieranstich is the Friday after Repentance Day (mid-November)
Brauerei Senger
Oberend 11
96110 Schesslitz
Closed in 2012
I was in this classic old brewpub in 2003 along with the Drei Kronen. They were quite similar in their old world charm and ability to transform the visitor back a couple centuries on walking through the door. Their Vollbier Dunkel and timeless old pub are greatly missed.
Schmitt Bräu closed in 2002, a year before I visited Schesslitz but I hear it has reopened as a beer store and their beers are now contract brewed. I’ll have to have a look next time in town.
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