This very small village has a cute little main square with a church and a nice little guesthouse so it makes a good overnight stop, especially if doing the hiking circuit to surrounding breweries.
Brauerei Weber
Ringstraße 46
96114 Röbersdorf
Tel: 09543-7882
Hirschaid Station 6 km/irregular bus service
Closed Wednesday & Thursday
Daily from 9
Output: 2100 HL
Founded in 1800, this is another village family affair with variable closing hours depending on how busy it is. The interior has a rustic feel, all in wood and the outside seating area may lack trees but there’s ample shade and a nice atmosphere. There is a warm menu most days but again, don’t get there late expecting a full meal or you may be disappointed. That was the case for me. I’d been there for a passing beer twice but had always wanted to eat there.  On returning, I got there a bit late and had to settle for an admittedly excellent mixed meat plate. Both their Hell and Dunkle Landbiers are similar dry affairs and quite good.

Dunkle Landbier & mixed meat plate
Beers: Landbier Hell, Landbier Dunkel
Beer calendar:
Kirchweih is the second weekend in 2nd weekend in June.
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