The cozy interior of Lindenbräu
Am Bach 3
91322 Gräfenberg
Tel: 09192-348
Gräfenberg Station 500 m
Opening hours:
Monday, Friday & Sunday from 4
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 11
Saturday from 10

Closed Monday & Friday
Tuesday-Thursday from 11
Saturday from 10
Sunday from 11

Output: 5000 HL
Hours seem a bit loose. I’ve stayed at the brewery and have walked into a room full of people drinking beer at 10 in the morning even though it wasn’t supposed to be open.

Lindenbräu’s small Biergarten
Founded in 1932, George Brehmer’s renowned Vollbier has been a favorite in this valley and beyond for four generations. His daughter and son-in-law have kept the tradition going with a classic old Franconian pub serving traditional dishes and their wonderful beer. Rooms available.

Schnitzel with Kartoffelnsalat and their renowned Vollbier
I was lucky to enjoy the very atmospheric (if a bit small) Biergarten the first time I was here. How they manage to have such a nice size Linde tree in such a small area is beyond me. Since I’d split a Schäuferla with my wife just up the street only an hour earlier, we did the same with a formidable Schnitzel here. We were with another couple and had sworn to only drink one beer at each of the five brewpubs but that rule was broken here. It was just too good.

Beer: Vollbier, Pils, Weizen, Bockbier, Festbier
Beer calendar:
Bockbier comes out in early April
Festbier comes our the beginning of December
Kirchweih is the first weekend in August
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