Sonnen-Bräu Hopfenblümla

Sonnen-Bräu Hopfenblümla

Brewery: Sonnen-Bräu
Pale Ale
Color: unfiltered amber

Head: creamy, white

citrusy hops
full-bodied, low carbonation
fruity with some apricot, dry
Finish: clean, dry and bitter
Served: on
tap at the brewery

Impression: Had totally enjoyed their Kellerbier and it was a perfect day for the style but this craft beer offering’s description sounded good so we gave it a try, and were so glad we did. It was only 4.6% but so full of flavor.  It was an immensely enjoyable beer with a full body, yet such a low carbonation, it was incredibly easy to drink. It was hoppy but not really bitter. The finish had us wanting another but our canoe was calling so we’ll just have to go back.

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