Hennemann Lagerbier


Hennemann Lagerbier

Brewery: Hennemann
Town: Sambach
Style: Vollbier
Color: amber
Head: white, rocky
Nose: malt
with slight hops
Body: full,  low carbonation
Palate: great malt/hop mix
Finish: long and dry
Served: on tap at the brewery

Impression: Wasn’t sure what to expect but this beer was a true surprise and is a great example of a name not always being the best indicator. Let’s face it, Lagerbier doesn’t conjure up great things for most people but they’d be wrong more often than not in Franconia, and in particular at the Hennemann brewery. This is one well-rounded and an extremely tasty brew, verging on a craft beer palate even if predating such things by a hundred years.  At any rate, drinking this beer at this atmospheric pub should be high on any beer lover’s list. This one truly is worth the walk.

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