Griebräu Maibock Hopfig Frisch


Brewery: Griesbräu
unfiltered honeycomb
white, fluffy
Nose: nice mix of malt and
Body: medium
-bodied, low carbonation
rich and malty but a definite floral hoppiness in the mix
Finish: dryish, bittersweet
on tap at the brewery

Impression: This was the third Maibock of the day and though it was unusual looking for the style, it was by far the best. Both Ettaler’s and Griesbräu’s own traditional Maibock were overly malty, even for bocks, and mostly lacked a good finish. Even though that one was called traditional, I’d like to imagine that in times of yore, this new fab craft beer version being touted was more of what a Maibock would have tasted like.

Another Maibock?

One thought on “Griebräu Maibock Hopfig Frisch

  1. When floral tastes are mentioned with wines, I don’t choose them. I’m not sure how a craft beer would taste with floral tones. . .
    Of course, “fruity” ones are more likely. My comments are meant to get you chuckling.

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