Zwanzger Dunkle


Brewery: Zwanzger
Color: unfiltered
off white, dense
medium-bodied, quite soft
malty with some peppery notes
Finish: dry, somewhat bitter
Served: on tap
bottle at the brewpub

Impression: This place was to be secondary to me in a town with a long sought after brewery just up the street, but with overnight accommodation on offer and a slew of beers on tap, it became every bit as focal. This was the first of quite a few beers the evening I was there and though it didn’t fit stylistically into what my preconceptions were, it was surprisingly good. Dunkles in southern Bavaria has certain connotations and I’ve learned that in Franconia, it can just as easily be a Vollbier but this brewpub had one of those, too so figured this might be more traditional. Well, it wasn’t. It was a very soft brew with a peppery element and was quite refreshing. I’d have had another but I had many more to try.

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