Keesmann Bock

Brewery: Keesmann
Heller Bock
Color: deep
white, fluffy, dense
Nose: malty, hint of hops
Body: full-
Palate: rich and malty but firm bitterness throughout

Finish: long, dry, bittersweet
on tap at the brewery
Impression: Keesmann is most noted for their Herrn Pils but this malty bock has a lot of the clean, dry bitterness associated with Keesmann. I’d had this a couple times but standing in the Schwemme on cold dark nights. This was the first time I’d secured a seat inside in winter and wasn’t about to let the opportunity slip through my hands. This picture was the second one I had, a Schnitt or hard pour leaving a large head. You can only order this as your last beer and a good custom more countries should observe, especially ones with bocks! It really is an easy to drink bock and maybe just a notch below neighbor Mahr’s Bock.

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