Hofbräu Maibock


Brewery: Hofbräu
Head: white
, rocky
malty but a hint of hops
full-bodied, medium carbonation
a big rich malty flavor, dryish softness
Finish: dry and bittersweet
on at the Aumeister in Munich

Impression: Living in Munich, I’ve had this beer many times, even in the famed Hofbräu Haus but I always enjoy it most at the scenic Biergarten called the Auemeister,  at the very top of the English Garden in Munich. Serving a big 7.2% beer in liter mugs is something you only really find in Munich but this beer is an easy one to drink, even on a sunny but not too warm day. Hence, it being a springtime offering. It’s gorgeous to behold, a deep copper-colored brew and when poured correctly, as they do at the Aumeister, the head is a crowning achievement and quite robust. Even with the long queues at this popular venue, you’ll still have a head by the time you get back to your table. It’s rich and malty but not sweet in the least with a very soft and dry bittersweet finish.

Care for another Bock?

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