Schrüfer Dunkles Vollbier

Schrüfer Dunkles Vollbier

Brewery: Schrüfer
Dunk Vollbier
dark brown, garnet highlights
off white, rocky
full-bodied, low carbonation
Palate: dry
fruity with a hint of roast
Finish: long dryish and bitter
on tap at the brewery

Impression: Took me two shots at this brewery to get in the door and the hype was considerable even before standing in the small village for an hour for my bus back to Bamberg WITHOUT having a beer. So, when I did get in, it would have been easy to be disappointed but neither I nor my very understanding wife were. It was was soft and fruity, with a nice dryish finish. Oddly enough, this was a seasonal and the Helles Vollbier was the regular offering. It’s a good thing I had one of those too. You never know when you’ll be back to such a hard to get into place!

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4 thoughts on “Schrüfer Dunkles Vollbier

    1. Thanks for enjoying the site, Leonore. I mostly write longer articles in a word-like file but the short ones pretty much just come out. I guess a lot of this stuff has been in my head for many years so just have to put in writing. Still lots more coming so please stop back.


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