Göller Wiener Lager

Göller Wiener Lager

Brewery: Göller
Zeil am Main
Vienna Lager dry-hopped with Bravo hops
Color: lightly filtered
deep golden
Head: creamy white

floral hops
full-bodied, low carbonation
fruity and dry, addition of Bravo prominent
Finish: clean, dry and bitter
Served: on
tap at the brewery

Impression: I wasn’t sure what to expect with this craft beer entry from Göller but with a sign at the table and all their other beers impressive thus far, we had to try it. The choice of style was perhaps not the best as the flavor profile was far hoppier than is typically the case for a Vienna Lager. The malt was obvious but the dry-hopping made for a more ale-like experience. All of this was quite pleasant and I found the beer surprisingly good. The only problem at this brewpub would be what to drink if you were looking for an all evening session beer.  Four or five of them would readily do!

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