Heller (Schlenkerla) Ur-Bock

Schlenkerla Ur-Bock

Brewery:  Heller (Schlenkerla)
Town: Bamberg

Style: Rauch Bock (Smoked Bock)
Color: dark brown
Head: tan, rocky
Nose: smoked malt
Body: medium, low carbonation
Palate: smokey, almost fishy
Finish: dryish
Served: gravity dispense from wooden barrels at their Bock Anstich.

Impression:  Schlenkerla’s Ur-Bock has become harder to sample due to the newer Dopplebock, Eiche being their seasonal during December. That’s another great beer so no complaints but the Ur-Bock used be on for more of the winter and now unless you’re in town in October/November, you’re out of luck.  I went up for the Anstich (first tapping of the year) this past year and it was worth the effort. It was a great time and one amazing beer. The way the locals throw them down, you’d swear it was water. It has an amazing soft palate and the smokiness is a few notches above their “everyday” classic Märzen. It’s an intense flavor but somehow easy to drink.

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